COVID-19. Our current guidelines to help keep you safe

We are opening!

From Monday the 20th of July we will be opening for drinks only

Our food and hotel service will be resuming on Friday the 24th of July.


We are all extremely excited to welcome you all back, but you might notice a few changes. We ask you to please follow this guidance when you visit us, to help keep everyone safe.


 If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please visit us another time.

 Please follow our one-way system while moving through the pub.

 Please use our sanitizing stations as you go past.

 Please login to our online Track& Trace system using the QR code located around the pub.

 We have spread our tables out and reduced capacity to follow government guidance, so please do not

move any furniture.

 We will not be taking bookings, so you must queue in the designated area. If the queue is becoming over

crowded, you may be asked to try again later.

 Please wait to be seated and remain in your seat throughout your visit unless it is necessary to leave

you allocated table. This includes children.

 If you need to use the bathroom, we ask that one person per table go at a time, unless assistance is


 We will be providing table service to all tables to reduce overcrowding at the bar.

 We will have single uses menus, so you might be asked to share them with your table.

 We have added extra cleaning measures, so please be patient if the toilets are closed for cleaning or if

things take a little bit longer than usual.

 Contactless and card payments are our most preferred option, but we will be accepting cash as well.

 Customers may be asked to leave if our guidance is not adhered to.